Ursgal - Enji (LP 180g vinyl, hand stamped innersleeve)

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On her second album Ursgal Mongolian singer Enji creates a unique blend of Jazz and Folk with the traditions of Mongolian song. Currently based in Munich, her lyrics tell personal stories about unbearable distances, the oddness of being on earth and the simple truths in life. She’s accompanied by Paul Brändle on guitar and Munguntovch Tsolmonbayar on double bass.

Born in Ulaanbaatar, Enji grew up in a yurt to a working-class family. Having always been drawn to music, dance and literature, she initially wanted to become a music teacher with little ambitions to compose or be on stage. A program by the local Goethe Institute sparked her passion for Jazz and eventually led her to become a performing artist. Inspired by the music of Carmen McRae, Ella Fitzgerald and Nancy Wilson, Enji started writing songs of her own, cherishing this newfound means of expression. Ursgal is the first record featuring her original compositions.Enkhjargal Erkhembayar (vocals)
Paul Brändle (guitar)
Munguntovch Tsolmonbayar (double bass)
Moritz Stahl (tenor sax on A1 + B4)
Alistair Duncan (trombone on B1)

Written by Enkjargal Erkhembayar
A5 + B3 written by Enkhjargal Erkhembayar and Paul Brändle
A4 written by Jimmy Dorsey and Paul Madeira
Produced and Mixed by Martin Brugger
Recorded by Jan Krause at Mastermix, Munich
Mastered by Christoph Stickel at CS Mastering
Photography and Design by Maximilian Schachtner


  1.     Zavkhan
  2.     Diary of June 9th
  3.     Gandii Mod
  4.     I'm Glad There Is You
  5.     Khorom
  6.     Sevkhet Bor
  7.     Ursgal
  8.     Aya
  9.     An Untitled Hill


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