Buddha in the Yurt - Buddhist Art from Mongolia

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Buddhist art became an integral part of the life of the Buddhist believer when Tantric Buddhism first reached Mongolia in the 17th century. Not only images of Buddha moved through the pasturelands along with the nomads, but also numerous refined images of arhats, Tibetan masters, Indian siddhas, bodhisattvas and personal and protective deities. This volume, published in both English-Russian and German-Mongolian editions, presents a selection of exquisite objects from a unique private collection of Mongolian art and reflects the broad scope of artistic influences ranging from those of Tibet to the Manchurian Qing Dynasty in China. The rich descriptions of the icons introduce the reader to the wide field of Buddhist iconography and thus provide a deeper understanding of the rich symbolism of the Tantric Buddhist tradition.

  • Texts by Carmen Meinert, Andrey Terentyev u.a.
  • Fotos by Achim Bunz
  • 2 Volumes, Linen bound edition, with dust jacket
  • Languages: english and russian
  • Book format: 24 cm x 28,5 cm, overall 840 pages und 554 coloured illustrations and depictions
  • ISBN: 978-3-7774-4231-5
  • Published 2011 at Hirmer Verlag

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