Altai - Zolgoyo doo (CD)

Altai - Zolgoyo doo (CD)

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ethno music & dance group

Zolgoyo doo

The official six members of the Altai band are:

1. Adyakhuu Sanchir- Leader of the band, morin khuur player and female vocals
2. Altakhuyag Oyunsuren- Yatga
3. Munkhbat Davaadalai- Khuumii, tsuur, mouth khuur, bamboo khuur, khengereg
4. Tumentogooch Arvan- Khuumii, morin khuur, male vocals, percussion
5. Balgan Gurbazar- Traditional dance, khuumii, mouth khuur, percussion
6. Balgan Ganzorig- Traditional dance, ikhel, percussion.
Our artists utilize khuumii (throat singing), morin khuur (horse headed fiddle), bii biyelgee (traditional dance), yatga, Altai yatga, tsuur, arrow khuur, bamboo khuur, percussive instruments of various kind and shagai in their performances. Our band’s members have officially inherited these culturally significant instruments and performances styles for the past 4-12 generations from their ancestors, making our band the only band of its kind in existence today.

Music producer GANPUREV Dagvan

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